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Healer & Conflict Expert Consultants

Rooted Resolutions is honored to offer the healing and creative therapies of Boyle Heights native Diana-Waleska Mauricio. Diana-Waleska is a queer curandera of Maya-K'iche descent, she is formally trained with SEEDS, a bay-area based community resolution center. SEEDS provides services that encourage effective dialogue and solutions for businesses, schools, government agencies, and communities. As a restorative justice programer Diana-Waleska led restorative circles in k-12 institutions in the east bay.  With formal training from the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) Diana-Waleska has over ten years of experience providing restorative and healing circles, mediation, facilitation, training and restorative justice to organizations, businesses, and schools.

At Rooted Resolutions Diana-Waleska emphasizes empowerment and teaches co-counseling skills to help communities working to restore and address the harm caused by the ruthless legacies of the War on Drugs. The harm caused by institutional racism and prejudice through the War on Drugs runs deep and requires more than tailored job placements.

A population that has been so viciously antagonized by its own government critically needs mental health support. A century of being gas lit has lead to an aversion to the cannabis industry and an underground system of justice and business practices that requires healing, closure, and support. Healing is fully integrated into our work at Rooted. 

Restorative justice and mediation circles 


Healing circles